Refactor dir and add services.

Move code into directory specific spaces for clarity and add systemd services.
Communication rework.

Changed the controller script to not initialize a class or track state for reliable operation. Classes objects take a lot of space, and the board was already constrained. State seemd to have some issues tracking and eventually crashing. Instead letting the roomba itself handle the states and if commands are valid board is just passing the commands it picks up from the radio. Added some led signalling for external observation. Updated makefile to transfer code.py
970ba2b5 — Alexander Hagerman 10 months ago
Lint and auto format updates.

Remove unused packages. Run auto formatter.
40971f94 — Alexander Hagerman 10 months ago
Add Feather code.

Add the Adafruit Feather board code and update README.
Fix listener bugs.

Update timings around the listeners for sms and buttons to help prevent conflicts. Reduce redundant code. Update log/display formatting.
Logger fix.

Fix the logging paths.
e0f36065 — Alexander Hagerman 10 months ago
Add documentation
Initial commit.

Initial commit. Twilio text responding. Button response.