Python code for sending LoRa messages to a listener connected to a Roomba.
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This project contains python scripts and cron task for operating a Roomba 615 locally or remotely.


  • sms_listener.py runs a web server that monitors a Twilio end point waiting for a message to send a start signal to a connected device (in my scenario a Roomba 615).

  • button_listener.py is meant for use with an Adafruit RFM LoRa shield.

  • *.service systemd unit files for managing ngrok and the Python application scripts.

  • requirements.txt are the packages that the virtual environment requires for the scripts above to run.


  • code.py is the application that runs on the Adafruit Feather listening for different signals to process and send to the Roomba Open Interface.


This is currently built and running with Python 3.7 and Raspbian.

Service files are provided in /pi for managing Python on the zero with systemd


Adafruit Feather connected to the Roomba and listening for the signal to send the Roomba the start command.

Raspberry Pi Zero W running the endpoint that the Twilio webhook is connected to and hosting the bonnet where physical buttons can be used to issue commands to the Roomba.

Pi LoRa bonnet provides the Pi with LoRa send/receive functionality, an OLED screen and buttons.


Thank you to the team at Adafruit for building the hardware and CircuitPython ecosystem.

Referenced docs, code and demos