Wrapping up.

Add post wrapping up train all the things project.
New articles.

New articles for train all the things and cloudflare. Fix broken link in old article.
Added images.

Added images to the h3 lou write up.
Git patch article.

Add article on using git patch instead of PRs.
New articles and fix.

Added articles from recent events. Fixed links with issues from zola check.
Reup layout.

Tracking theme with custom tweaks and sass layout fix for Zola.
Start tracking sass

Start tracking sass in the top level for better and more dependable builds.
Updated about pages.
New article

New article talking about managing state in the roomba applications.
New articles.

New articles on timing and mocking.
Add RSS feed.

Added back RSS feeds based on categories.
EdX 601 post.

Finished 601 last week. Time to do a short review on the experience.
New post on Airflow.

New post sharing a script to clean up the logs Airflow leaves littered around.
Update about section.

Added an image to my profile. Add certifications. Change weights for page ordering.
Site updates.

Update favicon, and add an image for the profile.
Migration fixes.

Remove slugs, correct paths, make some paths relative, migrate notebook to md.
Serving now.

Now serving over Workers K/V on Cloudflare.

Migrate blog to Zola and Cloudflare.