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#Notes for my future self


Increase font size Change the social/tags menu to only display on non post pages


dotnet restore
dotnet cake --target=Preview

mdl -c=.mdlrc input/posts/*.md


  1. BlogPostPipeline -> read *.md files
  2. TagsPipeline -> gets tags from front matter
  3. TagIndexPipeline -> create tag index pages
  4. ArchivePipeline -> create full posts page
  5. IndexPipeline -> create index page with top x most recent post, tags, etc
  6. FeedsPipeline -> create Atom and RSS
  7. AssetsPipeline -> copy assets
  8. LayoutPipeline -> read handblebar templates and template front matter
  9. ApplyLayoutPipeline -> Render template with layout
  10. Revist pipelines with PostProcess step giving access to all other pipeline run data.