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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


This project provides a go script gumroad_fetch.go to list all the files associated with a valid gumroad subscription and the URL of the resource, and a shell script grab.sh that uses that list to incrementally download every file in the subscription, or every file you want to download. grab.sh is meant to work well over a long period of time and several download sessions that can be stopped and continued at any time.

Tested under Linux with Go (1.18) and dash shell ( Simple and portable but probably has some easily fixable line delimiter bug on Mac or under Windows using Cygwin or similar.


gumroad_fetch.go requires Go to build but otherwise only depends on the stdlib. grab.sh requires wget and a POSIX compliant shell.


There are some constants in gumroad_fetch.go that need to be set.

These are GUMROAD_EMAIL and RESOURCE_ID. GUMROAD_EMAIL is the email that is subscribed to a feed. You can get the RESOURCE_ID from the URL you use to access the feed, for example if the URL is https://app.gumroad.com/d/54ca9138c0de04a832aa135fd31925b7, the RESOURCE_ID is 54ca9138c0de04a832aa135fd31925b7.

These are constants rather than user input because handling user input would mean handling user input.

$ $EDITOR gumroad_fetch.go   # Set constants
$ go build gumroad_fetch.go  # Build script

You can download all files available in the subscription with ./grab.sh [directory].

However if you want to only download some of the files, the shell script has logic to only download the files remaining in a file defined in the shell script, by default ./list.csv.

$ ./gumroad_fetch > list.csv # Pre-generate list.csv
$ $EDITOR list.csv           # Remove some lines from list.csv
$ ./grab.sh                  # Begin archival - grab.sh will rewrite list.csv,
                             # but won't overwrite any removed lines