colonies: Fully support {meta, user}-data

cloud-init should be able to use this as a seed to properly set up the
colonies: List users

First work towards cloud-init data being stored in homeworld
flake: Add firewall hole
Prepare for nix compilation
Add license. Be gay, do crime
meta: Add Bearer authentication

Makes use of a pre-shared key. Do not expose this to the internet!
dist: Initial nixos module
sql: Embed migrations within binary

Also runs on startup to make upgrading easier
errors/handlers: Make 404 errors more clear

Instead of returning a 500 for every error, this should make it a little
easier to return specific status codes for different errors
handlers: Implement CRD handlers

Update handler was removed for now.

Also postgres!
repo: Add dotenv to gitignore
meta: API Scaffold

Initial implementation of a CRUD API for Ships. Should probably at some
point support getting specific Ships based on something like shasum or
an ID, so that solard can more easily pull it down
initial axum scaffold
Initial Commit