feat: Initial work on game tick manager (WIP)
craft: WIP craft
feat: Crafting (WIP)
Initial version of Craft, is not currently finished.

In data/manifest.json, there are multitype arrays under
plant-recipes -> make_item -> one_of, which i'm not sure
how to make go deal with yet. Until that's done, crafting
is broken.
oops did a lot

- game state (activities & manifest)
- UseItem (minus powders bc I need to finish that)
- Starting on Craft

Still TODO:
- gib
- craft
- useitem powder
feat: Implement /users and /manifest
Fix getstead

Still broken on "kind"...
fix: Successfully scan a stead

jmoiron/sqlx doesn't like when it's given a nil value, so we do some SQL
magic to make it return default values if the database has a NULL.
db: No more pgx

Move to jmoiron/sqlx to interface with postgres. pgx was being really
annoying with scanning enums despite it just being text... and then had
issues scanning text into strings.

Current issues are that it's not liking the null value for
ephemeral_statuses by default, so let's see if we can fix that.
Add CI configuration
meta: Move to git.sr.ht
setup basic authentication
scaffold router for hkgi routes

handlers will come next, soon :tm:!
Init gitignore
Init database connector
initial commit