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title: Projects
date: 2021-01-28T07:43:00

## [Campmaster Constantine](https://sr.ht/~muirrum/Campmaster-Constantine/)
My main project, a Discord bot written first in Rust, then Python. I wanted to make a bot for some servers that I'm in, but eventually made it public.

### Features
- Strikes
- Questions of the Day
- Message Points

## [FLL-Scoring](https://sr.ht/~muirrum/FLL-Scoring/)
As I've written about before, I volunteer extensively with [FIRST](https://firstinspires.org) as a scorekeeper and A/V lead for their FIRST Lego League competitions. To help me do that, I currently use a software package produced by FLL-Tools. There are a *few* problems with this. Number one, it's Electron. Number two (and slightly ironic considering Electron's cross-platform reputation), it's Windows-only. Any attempt to build the package on or for Linux causes errors.

FLL-Scoring (which is a name subject to change) is a cross-platform server package, with plans to be paired with a hardware kit that Scorekeepers can use to gather match scores directly from the Referees at the game tables.

## Hakkard
Hakkard is two things, a D&D campaign setting and an RPG. The RPG is on an indefinite hiatus, and the D&D campaign setting is currently being worked on.