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## [Campmaster Constantine](https://sr.ht/~muirrum/Campmaster-Constantine/)
## [Campmaster Constantine](/projects/constantine/)
My main project, a Discord bot written first in Rust, then Python. I wanted to make a bot for some servers that I'm in, but eventually made it public.

### Features

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title: Campmaster Constantine
# Overview
This project has two sides. There's the Constantine framework, which is a collection of `discord.py` cogs and code to create Discord bots, and Campmaster Constantine, which is the flagship bot using the framework.

This project started life as a custom bot for a discord server I was in at the time, but I quickly realized the value of being able to custom-build bots from drop-in cogs.

### Features
- Points and Leveling
    - Level-based roles
- Moderation
    - Kicks, Bans
    - Strikes (warnings)
- Question/Topic of the Day
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