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## [Campmaster Constantine](/projects/constantine/)
My main project, a Discord bot written first in Rust, then Python. I wanted to make a bot for some servers that I'm in, but eventually made it public.

### Features
- Strikes
- Questions of the Day
- Message Points

## [FLL-Scoring](https://sr.ht/~muirrum/FLL-Scoring/)
## [FLL-Scoring](/projects/fllscoring)
As I've written about before, I volunteer extensively with [FIRST](https://firstinspires.org) as a scorekeeper and A/V lead for their FIRST Lego League competitions. To help me do that, I currently use a software package produced by FLL-Tools. There are a *few* problems with this. Number one, it's Electron. Number two (and slightly ironic considering Electron's cross-platform reputation), it's Windows-only. Any attempt to build the package on or for Linux causes errors.

FLL-Scoring (which is a name subject to change) is a cross-platform server package, with plans to be paired with a hardware kit that Scorekeepers can use to gather match scores directly from the Referees at the game tables.

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title: FLL-Scoring

# Overview
As context for this project, I've been volunteering at FIRST Lego League events for the past four years. Mostly, what I've been doing is running the scoring system for the robot game matches. The official version of this is... not great. It's windows-only, slow to use, and can get finicky with client devices needing to scan a QR code to connect.

When COVID locked down my state, I was left with a lot of backend knowledge, a shortage of frontend knowledge, and a lot of time on my hands. I had the idea to learn frontend by jumping into what may have been the most complex application I could've chosen to learn frontend with. I struggled a lot with scope at first, I tried to plan how I was going to add so many things. Eventually, I realized that a large scope is a bad scope, and I shrunk it back down to just scoring.

This is still very much a Work in Progress. Eventually, however, I want to add a hardware component to it, that will enable other volunteers to quickly deploy a full scoring solution at their events.
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