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You can also use your local clone with git send-email.


Very simply, Gatekeeper is a Discord bot that allows for server owners to keep known trolls/ne'er-do-wells out of their servers. The bot uses key-value storage based on a SQLite backend to store bans, and checks the database whenever someone new joins. If their ID is found in the database, the user is kicked.

Gatekeeper is also useful in multi-server communities for enforcing a ban list across all servers. Currently in development is the ability to sync bans and automatically kick new entries that are present within servers.

Currently, the supported commands are:

  • *addmod <Mention> - adds a user as a Gatekeeper moderator. This allows them to use all other commands. Note that the bot owner is not automatically a mod. On first run, the bot owner should go into a server and run this command on themselves.

  • *addBan <User ID> - Adds an ID into the database. This requires the User ID, which you can get through Discord Developer mode

  • *kickban <Mention> - Adds a user to the database and kicks them. This allows you to block them through Gatekeeper and remove them from the server at the same time

  • *syncbans - Polls database for new bans and kicks members that have been banned.