Fork of xscreensaver to draw animated wallpapers on Wayland
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Add missing ack-configure message
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README clarifications
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# wscreensaver

This is an experimental fork of xscreensaver which makes it possible to run 
some of the hacks as animated wallpapers on Wayland compositors that support

With swaylock-plugin[0], it is possible to use these as backgrounds for a
lock screen on some Wayland compositors as well.
[0]: https://github.com/mstoeckl/swaylock-plugin

Note: this is a very rough work in progress, so don't be surprised if half of
the compiled hacks fail to run, or render incorrectly. I am not actively
maintaining this and have no plans to get the remaining hacks to work.

Link: https://sr.ht/~mstoeckl/wscreensaver/

See `README.original` for the original project README.

To build for Wayland, first build xscreensaver via `./configure`, `make`; then
compile with `meson` as standard inside `wayland/`.