a scrappy music player for mp3s and Spotify
ffb80d5c — Ben Winston 7 months ago
added a README. now it's a real project.
a750b45e — Ben Winston 7 months ago
initial commit of nq.sh, which controls the daemon
17bb0ce2 — Ben Winston 7 months ago
fixed queue auto-increment


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a scrappy music player for mp3s and Spotify


  • simple -> support only the features I want/need, which is a tiny subset of most music players
  • unix-y -> libraries are just text files, commands support UNIX pipeline, controller is POSIX
  • server/client -> a music player need not take up a whole window all the time
  • minimal requirements -> don't make me download half the internet
  • fast -> commands should be nearly instantaneous

#isn't this just mpd/mpc?

mpc is great, and was an inspiration for much of the commands. It doesn't integrate with Spotify, though, and I want to be able to play both mp3s and Spotify tracks, back to back, on the same playlist.


  • Python3 (yes, I know I said "fast" above)
  • mpg123, for playing mp3s
  • a Spotify Premium account
  • a Spotify player -- either the full player (ew) or spotifyd


coming soon


coming soon


  • volume discrepancy between local/Spotify (this might be a mac/portaudio issue)
  • Spotify craps out when it hasn't heard from the API in awhile
  • fix Spotify pause issue
  • commands for status and current queue
  • more id3 tags (year? track length?)