refactor test_insert_inventory
add notes field to inventoryAddDialog; update sql_queries.py
add notes field to add batch dialog; add default date to all add dialogs
rename readme.md to README.md; add LICENSE
add default SQL SELECT queries to view menu

- move queries from sql_console.py to new file sql_queries.py
- remove stringModel and "execute and view" button from SqlConsoleWidget
- add submenu to View menu with SELECT queries from sql_queries.py
add query to figure value of coffee roasted in a date range
add query view widget with query editor included
add select statement that includes batch weight loss
utils/csvtosql.py: correct weight sold if more than one customer
remove QSqlRelationalDelegate from views, workflow improvements
utils/csvtosql.py: get unit from csv, debugging

get weight unit from csv
get bulk_density
use empty string if csv does not have notes field
use 0 if weight is empty string
improve debugging output
utils/csvtosql.py: add unit conversion
utils/csvtosql.py: split sale price between customers
utils/csvtosql.py: add (incomplete) function for adding batches and sales
open :memory: database on launch, add "Open database..." action
open query results in tab instead of new window
add current inventory select statement
add SQL query results view
pivot to parsing csv

rather than using curses to get the users input