update readme
convert readme.org to README.md; add LICENSE
save schematic and pcb in kicad 6
change some values in schematic; rewrite readme in org
modify pcb to single sided
make corrections to pcb, export svgs for toner transfer, add schematic pdf
add another power smoothing cap for ATmega328
rework pcb to be smaller

also make clearances wider and traces narrower and add mounting holes
add power smoothing capacitors to schematic and pcb; rearrange pcb to fit the keyboard better
pcb: use filled zones for ground instead of tracks. add copper and silk svgs
finish pcb design (I think)
link footprints and start laying out pcb
add ATmega328 board schematic
add stl files
minor improvements on case.scad and readme.rst
refactor and add comments
add cut outs for routing wiring out of each side
reformat code; add places for bolts
add switch body and wiring cutouts to case, lay out left and right sides to better visualize final result
work a bit on the case, add a link in the readme