Add linux CI script

Signed-off-by: Marek Maškarinec <marek@mrms.cz>
Move away from our sokol fork and remove std libs
ui: Fix relative offset issues in Stack
ui: Add BoxGrowSpan and BoxGrowPxSpan
ui: Fix ScrollArea behavior when maxScroll is smaller than dm
Update .build.yml
Update .build.yml
Add atlas packing
Merge branch 'main' of git.sr.ht:~mrms/tophat
Remove umka_runtime_src.h from Makeumka
(misc) bump submodules
(fix) remove custom make change
(fix) unfocusing from the canvas
Fix -check behavior
whatever lol
Update from PAK to UmBox
1d791dbb — Vasiliy Tereshkov 5 months ago
Fix mojibake on Windows
e6144d90 — Vasiliy Tereshkov 6 months ago
Bump submodules