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title: New Personal Site

I've owned the `mauromorales.com` domain for a few years now. I originally got
it as a way to build a "personal brand" but I've only used it for my email and
to blog random stuff every now and then. This is going to change now as I build
my new personal site. In this post you'll learn about the why, how and what in
case you'd like to do one for yourself.

## Self-hosted

I've used different services like Tumblr and Medium in the past. They are
great, specially if you don't have the technical skills to set up a blog or you
can't be bothered learning how to do it. Unfortunately, I think the power we
give these companies by giving them the keys to our content is too much. I
don't want any company deciding on the experience that people who read my posts
will have. 

- I want to fully own my content
- I want my content to be served on a platform that I think is respecting
  readers' privacy.

## Static site

I've used WordPress to build pages before. It's great and I totally recommended
for the right context but I don't think my personal page is that kind of
context. I want this page to be as simple as possible and adding a database is
an unnecessary step in this case. I'm more than happy to write markdown files
on my favorite editor. It makes up for a good writing experience and I believe
that readers will prefer a faster loading time.

## Default web fonts & no JavaScript

Talking about load times, nowadays we have powerful devices and high-speed
internet. However I don't think that is a reason to load our pages with lots of
unnecessary JavaScript, which only makes the user experience worse (remember
this is a web site not an application).

## The stack

- Jekyll
- Neovim
- Nginx
- Digital Ocean

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Hi, my name is Mauro Morales and this is my personal web page. Here you will
find information about my work as a software developer, experiences as an
expat/immigrant, hobbies, opinions and more. All views expressed are my own and
never of an employer.
expat/immigrant, hobbies, opinions and more.

_This site was built with [Jekyll] and the [minima] theme._

[jekyll]: https://jekyllrb.com/
[minima]: https://github.com/jekyll/minima

## Bio
## Professional Bio

I've been writing software professionally since 2005. For the most part I've
focused on back-end web development and CLI applications. My primary language

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layout: page
title: Acerca De
lang: es

Hola, mi nombre es Mauro Morales y este es mi sitio web personal donde podrás encontrar
información sobre mi trabajo como programador, experiencias viviendo en el extranjero,
pasatiempos, opiniones y más. 

## Experiencia profesional

Escribo software profesionalmente desde el 2005. La mayor parte de mi enfoque ha sido
en desarrollo web (back-end) y aplicaciones para la línea de comando. Mi lenguaje
principal es Ruby pero también he utilizado Go, JavaScript, PHP y PL/SQL (en el
futuro me gustaría trabajar con un lenguaje funcional).

Empresas para las que he trabajado:

- CloudBees
- Babbel
- CW
- Telefónica

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@@ 78,6 78,13 @@ cualquier tema que te este afectando. Ya sea de la empresa o personal, ya que
la persona externa no tiene otro interés más que verte crecer profesional
y personalmente.

## Referencias

> Mauro: has sido el mejor maestro que he tenido, siempre calmado, amistoso
> y bueno para explicar. La pase muy bien trabajando y aprendiendo contigo.

-- Kebin Eberle

## ¿Estás interesado?

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