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This is a personal note and the URL is likely to change in the future.

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title: Big Tech Exodus

## Email

Since I already use Gandi for domains I decided to quickly try their [Gandi
Mail] offering.

[Gandi Mail]: https://www.gandi.net/en/domain/email

### Other providers people have suggested

- Protonmail  (+swiss)
- Fastmail  (+calendar -5 eyes)
- [Migadu]  (+swiss)

[Migadu]: https://www.migadu.com

## Social Networks

In general I'd like to reduce my use of social networks. In most cases I don't
think I really need them and just waste time using them but I think that good
replacements might make the transition simpler

### Mastodon

Similar to Twitter but federated. I'm currently using the [mastodon.social]

[mastodon.social]: https://mastodon.social/@mauromorales

I don't plan to close my twitter account yet so I'm using [MTC] to cross-post
my toots to Twitter, but not the other way around.

[MTC]: https://crossposter.masto.donte.com.br

### Mattermost

[Mattermost] seems like a good alternative for Slack

[Mattermost]: https://mattermost.com/

## Infra

I'm adding these since they seem to run on renewable energy

- [FlokiNET](https://flokinet.is/dedicated-server.php)
- [DataCenter Light](https://datacenterlight.ch/)

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layout: page
title: Notes

<p class="warning">
This is a list of my personal notes. Expect lots of changes including URLs.

{% for page in site.pages %}
  {% if page.layout contains 'note' %}
  <li><a href="{{page.url}}">{{page.title}}</a></li>
  {% endif %}
{% endfor %}

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layout: page
title: Notes

- [Mastodon](/notes/mastodon.html)
- [Ubuntu](/notes/ubuntu.html)

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layout: page
title: Mastodon

I'm currently using [mastodon.social] in the fediverse.

[mastodon.social]: https://mastodon.social/@mauromorales

## Cross-posting

I'm using [MTC] to cross-post my toots to Twitter, but not the other
way arround.

[MTC]: https://crossposter.masto.donte.com.br

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layout: page
layout: note
title: Ubuntu

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layout: note
title: Web Framework

When I first started using Ruby, it was because of Rails. However, I didn't
stay long in the Rails camp and started doing mostly scripts and cli
applications so I had little need for it. Now I plan to go back to writing web
applications but instead of just using Rails by default, I want to see what
alternatives are out there.

My plan is to stay with Ruby so my options are limited but I'd really like to
give Phoenix a try. And if there's any other web framework worth checking I'm
not going to discard it because of the language but whatever it offers must be
worth learning a new language/ecosystem.

## Hanami

[Hanami] is a Ruby web framework. Just like Rails, it promotes a monolith first
architecture but different from it, it suggest a Clean or Hexagonal
architecture instead of MVC. It has a lower memory footprint and less features.
So far what I really liked was that I was able to contribute to a small bug. On
Rails I always felt like contributing was this big major task.

[Hanami]: https://hanamirb.org/

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