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Design is a plan for arranging elements in such a way as best to accomplish a particular purpose.

— Charles Eames

Essential is a theme for Hugo, the static site generator. It was designed for multilingual personal websites in mind.


baseURL = "https://www.mauromorales.com/"
title = "Mauro Morales"
theme = "Essential"

description = "Mauro Morales' personal website"
images = ["/img/avatar.jpeg"]
author = "Mauro Morales"
defaultLicense = "cc-by-sa"
github = "mauromorales"
twitter = "mauromrls"
mastodon = "https://mrls.xyz/@mr"
sourcehut = "mrls"

name = "blog"
url = "/blog.html"
weight = 1

DefaultContentLanguage = "en"

    languageName = "English"
    contentDir = "content/en"
    weight = 1
    description = "Mauro Morales' personal website"
    languageName = "Español"
    contentDir = "content/es"
    weight = 2
    description = "La página web personal de Mauro Morales"


Essential was designed and built by Mauro Morales