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So we end up with 4 lines of Makefile and one target. Way better, easier to
read, and easier to maintain.

Olivier Mengué has shared his way of listing source files [on Mastodon][olivier-mastodon],
which has a few advantages over using find. So please take a look and give him
a star!

## A better Makefile

I like to keep my Makefiles simple. Macros tend to scare me and if you can read

@@ 299,6 303,7 @@ important to not hammer the nail with a wrench.
[aerc-fmt]: https://git.sr.ht/~rjarry/aerc/tree/0.17.0/item/GNUmakefile#L46-48
[task]: https://taskfile.dev/
[goreleaser-goreleaser]: https://github.com/goreleaser/goreleaser/blob/75c6d1a580e4ec0b83fb52d7c53587d8113648f7/.goreleaser.yaml
[olivier-mastodon]: https://fosstodon.org/@dolmen@mamot.fr/111892257992430656
[^1]: Just what happens with 20 hours of interesting talks crammed into two days.
[^2]: For whatever reason that might be, but you know development: It can be crazy.
[^3]: Programmers: Solving problems that have long been solved, again. But