factorio-dl: use a better jq(1) syntax

We now use jq(1) itself to filter out null values.
4f9ec227 — Moviuro 5 months ago
factorio-dl: remove unnecessary tests
1df77789 — Moviuro 5 months ago
factorio-dl: always check that FACTORIO_TARGET is valid, before trying to download it
factorio-dl: sort -V, not sort -n

Not POSIX, but on FreeBSD, OpenBSD, macOS, GNU and probably WSL.
8cac9e32 — Moviuro 5 months ago
factorio-dl: check for the dependencies
526bada8 — Moviuro 5 months ago
README.md: update according to the recent 0.2.0 changes
factorio-dl: always use the token + drop support for FACTORIODL_CONFIG

New logic:
  We want a token
  1. Look for token + username in player-data.json
  2. If not available, resort to LOGIN+PASSWORD to get a token from
     https://auth.factorio.com  (see
  3. If still not available, abort

With this token, we can safely remove any use we had of cookies
With this new logic, jq(1) becomes a mandatory dependency

Rework the help text
37db2ba5 — Moviuro 5 months ago
factorio-dl: improve the help text
e48f8bf2 — Moviuro 5 months ago
factorio-dl: rely on an unofficial update API instead of the main website for version grabbing

xmllint(1) is no longer necessary
jq(1) is now necessary
f7e6cf09 — Moviuro 7 months ago
factorio-dl: add support for no version, and for version aliases

We may now use 'experimental', 'stable' or nothing at all as a version to
We rely on the factorio homepage to achieve this. It is probably not optimal,
and it will break if Wube Software ever so slightly reorganizes the factorio
cda4cfbb — Moviuro 2 years ago 0.1.3
factorio-dl: don't overwrite some env variables if they exist

0d80d51e — Moviuro 2 years ago
factorio-dl: change logic for setting output file name.

* Read options
* If no option is set, use a default value

Should be more readable?...
2f6c1239 — Moviuro 2 years ago
factorio-dl: read without -r will mangle backslashes.
4307f360 — Moviuro 2 years ago 0.1.2
README.md: update documentation

* Example with pass(1)
* Update findings about DLAGENTS+=
c454e803 — Moviuro 2 years ago 0.1.1
factorio-dl: clear error message when <version> is not supplied
09087b01 — Moviuro 2 years ago
factorio-dl: we now support interactions for typing the password
4e3e5722 — Moviuro 2 years ago 0.1.0
factorio-dl: add a test before invoking `mv(1)` as `makepkg(1)` threw a warning.
c5f32a91 — Moviuro 2 years ago
Introduce README.md; lighten the help text in the script
b8701396 — Moviuro 2 years ago
factorio-dl: fix the `-t` switch

The script would always download the linux64 file. Oops @ bc6ae05
b1fe2e78 — Moviuro 2 years ago
factorio-dl: cleanup in case we get interrupted (trap)