v1.0.1 1 year, 2 months ago .tar.gz browse log

bazel-zig-cc v1.0.1

Changelog since v1.0.0:
- [Motiejus Jakštys] release: sort the RC versions correctly
- [Motiejus Jakštys] Re-license portions of the code to Apache 2.0
- [Motiejus Jakštys] zig sdk: use mirror.bazel.build
- [Motiejus Jakštys] ci/test: show how bad the artifact situation is
- [Motiejus Jakštys] launcher: remove --color=on
- [Motiejus Jakštys] ci/launcher: check fmt
- [Motiejus Jakštys] upgrade zig
- [Motiejus Jakštys] Merge branch 'motiejus_go1.20'
- [Motiejus Jakštys] launcher: support multi-for loop syntax
- [Motiejus Jakštys] wip go 1.20
- [Motiejus Jakštys] ci/launcher: colors
- [Motiejus Jakštys] ci/launcher: make it go faster
- [Motiejus Jakštys] CI: fix tests
- [Motiejus Jakštys] update README
- [Motiejus Jakštys] launcher: formatting

v1.0.0 1 year, 4 months ago .tar.gz browse log

bazel-zig-cc v1.0.0

Changelog since v1.0.0-rc4:
- [Motiejus Jakštys] add gazelle to CI targets
- [Motiejus Jakštys] res_search: fix for aarch64
- [Motiejus Jakštys] upgrade gazelle, add -lresolv
- [Motiejus Jakštys] work-around res_search on older glibcs
- [Motiejus Jakštys] Merge branch 'motiejus_launcher_zig'
- [Motiejus Jakštys] zig launcher: replace shell wrappers with a binary
- [Motiejus Jakštys] license: copyright is owned by contributors.
- [Motiejus Jakštys] reduce number of zig tools
- [Motiejus Jakštys] simplify zig wrapper
- [Jeremy Volkman] Use artifact_name_pattern to specify proper macos and windows artifact names.
- [Jeremy Volkman] Use -mcpu=apple_m1 when targeting macos + aarch64
- [Jeremy Volkman] Rename _target_darwin to _target_macos
- [Jeremy Volkman] Adds supports_dynamic_linker feature
- [Motiejus Jakštys] bump zig to 0.11.0-dev.811+8ff9284c4

v1.0.0-rc4 1 year, 5 months ago .tar.gz browse log

bazel-zig-cc v1.0.0-rc4

Changelog since v1.0.0-rc3:
- [Motiejus Jakštys] includes: add `libcxxabi`
- [Motiejus Jakštys] lint
- [Motiejus Jakštys] don't forget libcxx and ar
- [Motiejus Jakštys] toolchain files: reduce the number of files in the sandbox
- [Motiejus Jakštys] tests: sandboxing
- [Motiejus Jakštys] Revert "remove binfmt-support"
- [Motiejus Jakštys] remove binfmt-support
- [Motiejus Jakštys] buildifier
- [Motiejus Jakštys] update rules_go
- [Motiejus Jakštys] toolchain wrapper: zig_exe path is relative
- [Fabian Hahn] fix windows include root path
- [Motiejus Jakštys] ci/test: quote {}
- [Motiejus Jakštys] build.yml: add file
- [Motiejus Jakštys] remove zig_include_root
- [Motiejus Jakštys] rules_go: cherry-pick a gorace workaround
- [Motiejus Jakštys] ci/test: fail on error
- [Motiejus Jakštys] upgrade to zig 0.11.0-dev.324+f61c5f3f5
- [Motiejus Jakštys] WORKSPACE: bump go to 1.19.3
- [Motiejus Jakštys] zig_include_root: fixes
- [Motiejus Jakštys] lint
- [Motiejus Jakštys] zig build: add -target automatically
- [Motiejus Jakštys] zig build-exe, build-lib, build-obj
- [Motiejus Jakštys] upgrade zig sdk
- [Motiejus Jakštys] contrib/build-and-archive: fix lib dir for macos-x86_64
- [Motiejus Jakštys] shellcheck
- [Motiejus Jakštys] ci/test: add tests for exact expected artifacts.
- [Motiejus Jakštys] WORKSPACE: upgrade to go1.19.2
- [Motiejus Jakštys] zig_include_root: support windows too
- [Motiejus Jakštys] bump zig to 4301+uber1
- [Motiejus Jakštys] zig include root: it depends on the OS
- [Motiejus Jakštys] README: fix copy/pasta
- [Motiejus Jakštys] README: rollback to v0.9.2
- [Motiejus Jakštys] Revert "resolve ZIG_LIB_DIR before passing it to zig"
- [Motiejus Jakštys] resolve ZIG_LIB_DIR before passing it to zig
- [Motiejus Jakštys] tests: add linux_arm64_musl, simplify BUILD
- [Motiejus Jakštys] tests: remove linux_amd64_gnu.2.31
- [Motiejus Jakštys] Zig cache hacks/optimizations
- [Motiejus Jakštys] remove redundant flags
- [Motiejus Jakštys] gohack only in tools/<arch>/c++
- [Motiejus Jakštys] fix tool paths for different OSes/environments
- [Motiejus Jakštys] split all tools to per-codename subdirectories
- [Motiejus Jakštys] lint
- [Motiejus Jakštys] tools wrapper: fix for windows
- [Motiejus Jakštys] ci: catch easy problems early
- [Motiejus Jakštys] buildifier

v1.0.0-rc3 1 year, 7 months ago .tar.gz browse log

bazel-zig-cc v1.0.0-rc3

Changelog since v1.0.0-rc2:
- [Motiejus Jakštys] CGo-specific: reduce unneeded compilation
- [Motiejus Jakštys] ci/lint: make it fail in CI

v1.0.0-rc2 1 year, 7 months ago .tar.gz browse log

bazel-zig-cc v1.0.0-rc2

Changelog since v1.0.0-rc1:
- [Fabian Hahn] fix Windows host support with relative paths
- [Motiejus Jakštys] update versions and sizes

v1.0.0-rc1 1 year, 7 months ago .tar.gz browse log

bazel-zig-cc v1.0.0-rc1

Changelog since v0.9.2:
- [Motiejus Jakštys] rename absolute_path to zig_path
- [Motiejus Jakštys] defs: fix import paths
- [Ken Micklas] WIP: use relative paths for tools
- [Motiejus Jakštys] upgrade to zig 0.10.0-dev.4166+cae76d829
- [Motiejus Jakštys] partially revert c023c217a52fb2a2a863c741743fbc1a9c2393e3
- [Motiejus Jakštys] Revert "bump to zig 0.10.0-dev.3999+fda6d4477"
- [Motiejus Jakštys] update README
- [Motiejus Jakštys] contrib/own_zig.md: clarify zig-bootstrap instructions
- [Ken Micklas] Fix include root path for macos-aarch64
- [Ken Micklas] Move Label dependencies above archive fetching to reduce restarts
- [Motiejus Jakštys] bump to zig 0.10.0-dev.3999+fda6d4477

v0.9.2 1 year, 8 months ago .tar.gz browse log

bazel-zig-cc v0.9.2

Changelog since v0.9.1:
- [Motiejus Jakštys] repository_rule: depend on $BAZEL_ZIG_CC_CACHE_PREFIX
- [Motiejus Jakštys] target_musl: remove linkopts
- [Motiejus Jakštys] upgrade to 0.10.0-dev.3838+77f31ebbb
- [Motiejus Jakštys] replace /usr/bin/env sh with /bin/sh
- [Motiejus Jakštys] nit: style of cache prefix definition
- [Motiejus Jakštys] cache_prefix: clean up OS logic
- [Fabian Hahn] add cache prefix configuration for Windows

v0.9.1 1 year, 9 months ago .tar.gz browse log

bazel-zig-cc v0.9.1

Changelog since v0.9.0:
- [Motiejus Jakštys] use a specific template if cache prefix is known
- [Ken Micklas] Support configuring cache prefix with an environment variable
- [Motiejus Jakštys] [macos] remove libc/include/{}-macos.{}-gnu
- [Luis Holanda] Add missing include path for MacOS platforms
- [Motiejus Jakštys] c++: fall back to cache dir in /tmp
- [Motiejus Jakštys] update README

v0.9.0 1 year, 9 months ago .tar.gz browse log

bazel-zig-cc v0.9.0

Changelog since v0.8.2:
- [Motiejus Jakštys] [ci] add colors to test output
- [Motiejus Jakštys] upgrade zig sdk to one of last night
- [Motiejus Jakštys] bump to go 1.19
- [Motiejus Jakštys] ci/test: simplify the script even more
- [Motiejus Jakštys] ci/lint: more verbose output
- [Luis Holanda] misc: use /usr/bin/env in scripts
- [Luis Holanda] Support NixOS and others non-FHS Linux distros
- [Motiejus Jakštys] WORKSPACE: bump rules_go to v0.34.0
- [Motiejus Jakštys] contrib/makerel: use x86_64_v3 and chmod +x
- [Motiejus Jakštys] fastbuild: remove -O0
- [Motiejus Jakštys] upgrade bazelisk and buildifier
- [Motiejus Jakštys] bump .bazelversion to 5.2.0
- [Motiejus Jakštys] upgrade rules_go to v0.33
- [Motiejus Jakštys] readme: update clang and glibc versions
- [Motiejus Jakštys] bump zig to 0.10.0-dev.2977+7d2e14267"
- [Motiejus Jakštys] bump zig upstream

v0.8.2 1 year, 10 months ago .tar.gz browse log

bazel-zig-cc v0.8.2

Changelog since v0.8.1:
- [Motiejus Jakštys] lint
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