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Usrup is a small script for managing your $HOME/src directory. I find it often that in addition to packages installed with my package manager I have programs I clone and use that I would like to keep up to date. The script usrup.sh will do the following:

  • Define some helpful functions
  • Change directories in to the parent source dir
  • Source a user defined file for defining what repos exist and building them

The actions defined in the user supplied file will run the build commands. Each build is executed in parallel, when finished the script will print 'done'. It's important to note that Usrup is not a build system for your project, but rather a system for updating and invoking the different build systems of various objects.


The example.sh contains example of some various different repo configurations. git_repo_do and usrup_do are defined as the action functions. There are also utility functions provided as a short hand alias for common build systems. The comments in usrup.sh contain some more detailed information.


sh usrup.sh /home/moody/src /home/moody/lib/usrupconfig.sh

This defines /home/moody/src as the parent dir with with the projects underneeth it and uses /home/moody/lib/usrupconfig.sh for defining the build methods for each project.