dont set path use bind
fix urlencode escape, copied from rc-httpd
provide some namespacing suggestions and mkfile
path name should be cleaned, prevents $fs_root escape
Add note about using aux/listen (thanks sl)
Handle .gmi as well as .gem
a2cdff91 — Moody 3 years ago
Add option to display folders as pages of links
bf0e251a — Moody 3 years ago
Remove tlsshim and add proper directions for adding tls key to hostowner's factotum
89c9f202 — Moody 3 years ago
Parse query options properly
Add require input script for prompting client
Add example of require-input use in select-handler
0de05aed — Moody 3 years ago
Try and supply a markdown mime type for markdown files
155f3d40 — Moody 3 years ago
Make error codes more closely match spec
f20fa4e0 — Moody 3 years ago
Add tlsshim for handling running as 'none'
Set index file if $location is /
Handle no trailing slash and ports in url
Mention tlsshim in readme
28f8522e — Moody 3 years ago
ed540608 — Moody 3 years ago
Initial commit