8b3ea55d — Jacob Moody 2 months ago master
path name should be cleaned, prevents $fs_root escape
a2e3a1a4 — Jacob Moody 4 months ago
Add note about using aux/listen (thanks sl)
bc47538e — Jacob Moody 4 months ago
Handle .gmi as well as .gem
Add option to display folders as pages of links
Remove tlsshim and add proper directions for adding tls key to hostowner's factotum
Parse query options properly
Add require input script for prompting client
Add example of require-input use in select-handler
Try and supply a markdown mime type for markdown files
Make error codes more closely match spec
Add tlsshim for handling running as 'none'
Set index file if $location is /
Handle no trailing slash and ports in url
Mention tlsshim in readme
Initial commit