merge from upstream
Use time capsule label for time capsule copies
Use more appropriate labels for link operations
Label wOTLinkBattleRNData
Document link patch lists a little bit better
Unionize wSwitchMonBuffer
Make wMysteryGift*GameVersion constants consistent
IsMailEuropean → ParseMailLanguage (and give it constants)
1674b6ca — Damien Doury 1 year, 1 month ago
Fixed the wrong CheckHiddenOpponent bugfix (#1046)

Update `EndBug` to v9.

fixes #1038
merge from upstream
Missed `DEF` in `add_tm`
Minor battle tower fixes
more lzcomp port issues squashed
typos in exceptions and a couple more

with this only some compression bugs are
preventing a correct match.
rewrite include scanner and move out of mkfile
no more npe dependency
dropped mk files

Two of these are generated, one was sam'd from the Makefile.
There is probably a way to do these with meta rules that doesn't suck.