7309e0f2 — Jacob Moody 6 months ago master
Archive and point to zuke
Add very limited ID3v2 support
This makes mpl capable of reading from ytfs
Currently only utf-8 is supported for text tag encoding
Likewise only TALB and TIT2 tabgs are supported
Use postnote in favor of hand rolled 'killgrp'
Fix drawlists signature.
Clean up unused vars.
Simplify mapinsert
Remove outdated info from readme.
Man page should hold up to date information.
Add manual page.
Fix crash when switching playlists after dumping.
Fix traversal bug in mapinsert
Fix failure to runlock on certain map methods
Remove unused hasfn member
Fix improper use of utflen
Check if first album has 0 songs
Increase vorbis buffer size, and catch large comments
Reduce memory fragmentation
use unsigned for map hash
Change style
functions for showing playlist as sidebar
tidy of hashmap
setmalloctag for emalloc
Fix wrong write of nul value
setmalloctag for unmarshal functions
Add different ways to load playlist
Add ability to play form grid radio
Add ability to play single file
Add ability to dump and load the current queue as a playlist
Add ability to play from dumped playlists