London, ON


Monadnock Systems Ltd. Embedded Services Consultancy in London, ON


Monadnock Systems Website


H5 BLE Controller Application


Raspberry Pi Hat with i2s codec and comparator / 5V GPIO trigger and video selection bus


A small cli utility designed for minimal mcumgr tasks (without pulling in megabytes of go deps)


Digital Terrain Map Tesselator converts planetary DTM data sets into STL files (written in Ada)


Several introductory arduino/electronic presentations presented in London, ON


A microbit expasion board featuring a CO2, temperature/humidity sensors and a piezo speaker


Hardware and Software for the Escape Canada escape room: Trespassed


8 channel amplifier circuit for measuring displacement of 3d printed sensors


Software for the Escape Canada escape room: Book of Spells


Surface tessellator fun for planetary DTM/DSM


AES128-EAX and AES128-CTR implementations for the NRF5x AES128-ECB peripheral