London, ON


Monadnock Systems Ltd. Embedded Services Consultancy in London, ON


Escape Room Game SDK


Monadnock Systems Website


AES128-EAX and AES128-CTR implementations for the NRF5x AES128-ECB peripheral


CMake Application template for nRF52 devices


H5 BLE Controller Application


A small cli utility designed for minimal mcumgr tasks (without pulling in megabytes of go deps)


Raspberry Pi Hat with i2s codec and comparator / 5V GPIO trigger and video selection bus


Digital Terrain Map Tesselator converts planetary DTM data sets into STL files (written in Ada)


Several introductory arduino/electronic presentations presented in London, ON


A microbit expasion board featuring a CO2, temperature/humidity sensors and a piezo speaker


Hardware and Software for the Escape Canada escape room: Trespassed


8 channel amplifier circuit for measuring displacement of 3d printed sensors


Software for the Escape Canada escape room: Book of Spells