fix: results reduced to 9 to avoid hitting Mastodon 500 character limit
chore: clean up unnecessary .capitalize() calls in database.py
chore: rewrite getCharName to make it more easily readable
chore: add missing files
refactor replyAndDismiss() inside reply_and_dismiss
refactor getReplyFromDB() inside database.py
add environment_variables to consolidate all .env lookups
rewrite util.py into toot_info.py
rewrite tests and test_file names accordingly
chore: update README.md
chore: update README.md
chore: update README.md
chore(BREAKING CHANGE): move api_base_url to .env
chore: update README.md
chore(BREAKING CHANGE): rename mastodon_api_token.secret to mastodon_access_token.secret
feat(BREAKING CHANGE): use keywords database lookup instead of archetype
BREAKING CHANGE(feat): use MongoDB's aggregate framework to filter by my multiple archetypes
support mid toot mention
refactor getReplyFromDB
add game slug support
implement better multi filter support
chore: update README.md to match new database schema
BREAKING CHANGE(feat): resolve same name conflicts
add game qualifier for mains
add response to character not found
feat: test getFlags function
chore: remove table of contents from README.md
chore: change table of contents placement in README.md