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@@ 67,7 67,7 @@ If both are set, then any value that isn't one of those two is
considered invalid (basically, this is like an enum for booleans,
with the added semantics that one means true, the other false).

## `ok, err|vt = Request:validate(schema[, force_ct])`
## `ok, err|vt = Request:validate_body(schema[, force_ct])`

Validates the decoded body of the Request based on schema. The
behaviour is the same as App:validate. This is registered by the

@@ 80,7 80,7 @@ The following middleware are registered and can be referenced by name in the con

## tulip.pkg.validator

Must be added before any handler that needs to call Request:validate,
Must be added before any handler that needs to call Request:validate\_body,
as it registers that extension. Not registered if the middleware
package is not registered (does not raise an error, as some apps may
use App:validator without the need for the middleware).