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# Configuration

* connection\_string: string = the connection string

* migrations: array of tables = the migrations to run, each
  table being an array of migration steps (string or function,
  as described in the Migrator) with a 'package' field that
  identifies for which package the migrations apply, and an
  optional 'after' field that identifies package names (array
  of strings) that must have their migrations run before this package.

  The field migrations.check\_only can be set to true to prevent
  this App instance from running the migrations. It will only check
  that all migrations have been run (by looking at the latest version
  applied for each registered package) and fail if it is not in sync
  with its configuration.

  The field migrations.check\_timeout can be set to limit the time
  to wait for migrations in seconds, it defaults to 10.

* pool: table = if set, configures a connection pool so that
  calling App:db returns a pooled connection if available,
  and calling conn:close returns it to the pool if possible.