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@@ 4,6 4,8 @@ This is the manual for the [tulip](https://git.sr.ht/~mna/tulip) Lua web framewo

Tulip is a web framework based on [lua-http][http] and [PostgreSQL][pg]. While this is an accurate definition, it is incomplete as Tulip is a bit different than typical web frameworks - it is more a framework for building web systems, and doing so with a simple, minimal, yet thorough architecture and infrastructure.

The [Small is Beautiful (The Developer's Edition)][blog] blog post provides some background and context about the vision and goals of this project.

It is a framework for *web systems* because it goes beyond building a Web server - it also enables:

* Message queues for asynchronous processing

@@ 185,3 187,4 @@ To summarize, the app and packages "startup" lifecycle goes like this:

[http]: https://github.com/daurnimator/lua-http
[pg]: https://www.postgresql.org/
[blog]: https://mna.dev/posts/small-is-beautiful.html