add wiki submodule
Merge branch 'master' of git.sr.ht:~mna/straw
add go version to go.mod
pkg/service/auth: some more work on resource
pkg/service/auth: start implementing the auth service
doc: more auth user pool config
exit with success if -no-apply is set and generation was successful
doc: auth user pool configuration
pkg/service/event: fix lint warning
pkg/service/event: translate short unit notation to AWS notation
better layered config when value is defined, remove id override feature
cmd/straw: test config-based flags
cmd/straw: refactor flag parsing and config loading
cmd/straw: add a little test for config-based app
pkg/exec: remove unnecessary todo
pkg/service/{event,topic}: validate raw JSON configuration
cmd/straw: validate stage is in list of whitelisted stages
cmd/straw: read from layered config files
use ConfigFiles to handle applying config
add ConfigFiles abstraction, tests