snow/pkg/semantic/testdata d---------
Merge branch 'wip-static-func-return'
pkg/semantic: statically check that fn body return in all branches
Merge branch 'wip-interfaces'
pkg/semantic: fix nested assignment of non-mutable structs to interfaces
pkg/semantic: more tests around ref struct fns and interfaces deep in tuples
pkg/{semantic,codegen}: create test cases for interfaces with ref methods
pkg/semantic: fix interface satisfied by for ref methods
pkg/semantic: test generic interfaces
pkg/semantic: test assignment and interface-satisfiability
pkg/semantic: test assign to interface and call via interface
pkg/semantic: type-check the interface declarations
pkg/semantic: print number of interfaces in file/struct, adjust expected test results
pkg/semantic: work on refactoring type-assign in prep for interaces
pkg/semantic: start translating and type-assigning interfaces
pkg/{parser,semantic,codegen}: more test cases
Merge branch 'wip-struct-generics'
pkg/semantic: add simple generic struct test
pkg/semantic: properly type-check nested struct generics
pkg/semantic: add failing complex generic test
pkg/semantic: properly type-assign and check basic generic struct init