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snow/pkg/codegen d---------
Merge branch 'wip-interfaces'
pkg/codegen: punt on the interface/tuple/ref fn fix for codegen, focus on semantics for now
pkg/codegen: kinda works, except in a tuple conversion struct is not by ref
pkg/{semantic,codegen}: create test cases for interfaces with ref methods
pkg/semantic: notes on how to address ref methods in interfaces
pkg/codegen: test interface code generation
pkg/codegen: start codegen for interfaces
pkg/{parser,semantic,codegen}: more test cases
pkg/codegen: add generic tests
Merge branch 'wip-struct-generics'
pkg/codegen: fix the complex generic struct case
pkg/codegen: almost all tests pass, except the one complex generic
pkg/codegen: finalize codegen from list of nodes
pkg/codegen: start move to linked-list-based approach
pkg/codegen: simple generic struct works
pkg/codegen: some notes on errors in logic
pkg/semantic: add simple generic struct test
pkg/codegen: almost works, but not quite
pkg/codegen: not sure that approach works...
pkg/codegen: start building the Go AST