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Merge branch 'wip-post-ast'
pkg/codegen: work on name mangling
pkg/semantic: more work on typecheck pass
pkg/semantic: work on type assign pass
Merge branch 'wip-ref-fn'
pkg/typecheck: prevent access to ref fn if lhs is not mutable
pkg/typecheck: properly check context of select expressions
pkg/typecheck: refactor scope type to add depth, more flexibility
Merge branch 'wip-codegen-goast'
pkg/codegen: generate more AST nodes
pkg/codegen: translate more nodes to Go AST
pkg/codegen: work on name mangling
pkg/codegen: start work on mangling logic
pkg/parser: parse new type production, struct decl
pkg/typecheck: add static analysis pass at the end for guard
pkg/typecheck: issue with types and operators, move some checking in the 2nd pass
disable unused linter, causes failed prerequisites error
pkg/typecheck: add true and false constants to universe
pkg/scanner: check validity of scanner for new stmts, tests
pkg/typecheck: finalize type-checking pass
pkg/typecheck: add context to each typed expression