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## v0.0.2

* Add `if` and `guard` statements
* Add `true` and `false` predeclared boolean identifiers
* Add comparison (`==`, `!=`, `>`, `>=`, `<`, `<=`) and logic (`&&`, `||`) operators
* Add static analysis type-checking pass, check that guard doesn't fall through, one
  and only one main function, uses of value of identifiers
* Add support for struct types, support value and ref methods
* Implement name mangling in code generation
* Refactor code generation to generate via Go AST as first step, before source code
* Proper type assignments and conversion in generated Go code, translate unused variables
  to the `_` variable to silence Go compiler unused errors; most code that type-checks
  should now build properly

## v0.0.1

* Scanner, parser, type-checker and code generator implemented for a tiny subset