Fix off-by-one error in pagination
Improve pagination

Always show the next page number, even when the current page is the 3rd
or the 3rd to last.
Add IFTTT actions `add_public_link` and `add_private_link`
Add new IFTTT trigger: `new_public_link_tagged`
Add IFTTT trigger for new public link
Format the ifttt user id as a string
Allow re-using refresh tokens
Add view for user related IFTTT operations
Fix type on IFTTT scope name
Add the ifttt scope to the list of valid scopes
Refactor routing for IFTTT integration
Add IFTT integration
CSS fixes for styling issues with buttons on Safari iOS
Fix bug in rendering responses from posts API
Add exploration links
Fix delete bookmark flow
Fix to take into account unread status for number of savers
Support setting bookmarks as unread in insert form
Add support for unread bookmarks
Improve pagination