Update `release` build manifest

Use the ubuntu LTS image to match the OS of the flagship instance.
Update dependencies
Update dependencies
Fix /v1/posts/update to match documentation

ticket: https://todo.sr.ht/~mlb/linkhut/14
Bind endpoint to loopback ip address
Remove config to upload grafana dashboards
Remove unnecessary inner join when querying links
Performance improvement

Use a materialized view to get the number of saves and the
earliest/latest time a bookmark was posted.
Fix bug in the unread controller
Performance improvement

Simplifies the query to get the number of unread links for a logged in
Minor tweaks to navigation
Fix double-encoding of URL links
Start the PromEx process first

This is needed to ensure it detects the Ecto repo properly.
See: https://github.com/akoutmos/prom_ex/issues/190
Fix styling of tags
Start migrating templates to function components
Configure PromEx plugin for Ecto
Fix grafana config for PromEx
Upgrade Sass version to 1.61.0
Update dart_sass to 0.6