A simple terminal UI wrapper for D. Skoll's Remind calendar program
Remove remint.sh, now replaced with remint
Rename script to remint instead of remint.sh for convenience (some users will not set an alias, so better have a single word executable)
Fix tput in help (but is tput necessary at all there?)


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     A simple terminal UI wrapper for D. Skoll's Remind calendar program

remint is a simple wrapper script to add interactions and navigation to the terminal outputs of D. Skoll's Remind scripting calendar program.


Make sure Dianne Skoll's remind is intalled and that remint.sh is executable with chmod +x /path/to/remint.sh, then run with ./remint.sh /path/to/a/reminders/file/or/directory (if the argument is a directory, then remint will read from all *.rem files in it). remint will try default locations if none is supplied as argument, as well as the DOTREMINDERS environment variable. I use it as a script executed in a new terminal window when clicking on the clock of my system bar.

remint allows synchronizing to and from a git repository if you use *.rem files from a folder initialized as a git repository. Running remint on a single file supplied as CLI argument or on a data folder not containing files named as <something>.rem will not allow git synchronization; this is to limit the risk of synchronizing unwanted files. See git synchronization in action in the video below:

(Click here to watch video.)

Other short demos of the features are available here (some base functions, initial version) and here (a few new functions in a later update).


remint options can be toggled from the TUI, but the defaults can be edited at the beginning of the script, or placed into a remint.conf file either alongside remint.sh (same directory) or in your Remind data directory (~/.reminders, ~/.config/remind, or a folder set in DOTREMINDERS) to make them persist after updates:

DEFAULTFILE="100-remint.rem" # Default file to edit and add new events to if
			     # data path is a directory
COLOR="-@2"         # COLOR="" to disable, COLOR="-@1" for 256 colors only.
FORMAT="1"          # FORMAT="1" means 24h format, FORMAT="0" means am/pm.
VIEW="calendar"     # VIEW="list" to display the agenda by default.
COLORINVERTED="no"  # COLORINVERTED="yes" to toggle light/dark default mode.
SHOWDOYWOY="yes"    # SHOWDOYWOY="no" to hide day of year and week number.
WEEKSPAN="4"        # Number of weeks to show by default in week view.
MONTHSPAN="1"       # Number of months to show by default in month view.
PREFIX="+"          # If PREFIX="+", then the default view shows weeks,
                    # else if PREFIX="", then the default view shows months.
SPACING=""          # SPACING="" for fixed cell spacing (see `f` toggle),
		    # else SPACING=",n,m" where n and m are numbers.
MONDAYFIRST="m"     # MONDAYFIRST="" to start weeks on Sundays.
REMPAGER="less -Ri" # Or REMPAGER="$PAGER" to use your usual PAGER. Useful to
		    # search patterns or scroll long outputs. Beware that not
		    # all pagers can handle Remind's color and escape colors
                    # correctly; "less -Ri" can.
INFODURATION="1"    # Duration (in s) of displayed messages; the UI will be
                    # be unresponsive until info messages disappear.
AUTOSYNC="no"       # "yes" to automatically synchronize from and to git
                    # at startup (git pull) and when quitting (git push), else
                    #"no"; "yes" requires a reminders file in a git repository.
CUSTOM=""           # Add any extra Remind arguments you may need here.


  , p  Prev page          t  Today
  . n  Next page          g  Go to (yyyy, yyyymmdd, yyyy-mm-dd)
  h/l  -1/+1 day          o  Navigate from year overview
  k/j  -1/+1 week         q  Quit
  M/m  -1/+1 month    other  Quit with prompt
  Y/y  -1/+1 year

    v  Toggle calendar/list views
  w s  Toggle week/month span modes
  [/]  Span -1/+1 week or month per page of current mode
    r  Reset default page span of current mode
    z  Toggle Monday/Sunday as first day of the week
  : x  Toggle 24h format
    d  Toggle day of the year and week number
    /  Pipe to pager (e.g. to search pattern, press h for help))
    f  Toggle fixed/collapsed cell spacing
    i  Invert terminal background and foreground colors
    c  Toggle Remind colors
  0-9  Adjust duration (in s) of temporary messages (e.g. git, back up)
    ?  Show this help

    a  Add event at selection
    e  Edit data file
    b  Back up data
    >  Push *.rem file(s) to git repository
    <  Pull *.rem file(s) from git repository

© 2023 Mathieu Laparie, <mlaparie@disr.it>, MIT license