tree-style (file) explorer for (plan9port) Acme
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#xplor, a tree-style (file) explorer for (plan9port) Acme

Xplor is written for Acme, the Plan 9 text editing environment. I use Acme from Plan 9 from User Space. To learn about Acme, Russ Cox’s Tour of Acme is a great place to start.


Button 3 (right click) on a directory to open or close it. Button 3 on a file to plumb it, e.g. to open text or source files. Button 2 (middle click) on any entry to prints its path in the Errors window.

Win and Xplor open a new win or xplor window. Button 2 to open those windows for the current xplor directory, 2-1 chord to open the selected directory instead.

Get reloads the current window.

All toggles whether xplor displays hidden entries.

Up opens parent of the current directory in the current window.

Cd opens the chorded directory in the current window.

#Why doesn’t chording work for any other commands?

This is a limitation of the acme(4) event system. A client program can receive events with chorded arguments, but it cannot send them back to Acme. (It could write them to the event file, but Acme would ignore them.) As a result, for a client program to support chorded arguments to builtin or external commands, it would have to reimplement the execution logic of Acme.



to open the current working directory, or

xplor /path/to/directory

to open a specific directory.


go install git.sr.ht/~mkhl/xplor@latest