No more custom font - use system font stack

Inspiration from <https://systemfontstack.com/>

This means total page size is 625k, down from 724k; a 14% reduction. I
think it's worth it in terms of size and complexity. (No big font block
for someone trying to read the source to figure out if they should trust
the site.)
Better ordering of UI components (I think)
Update screenshots, mention new repo location
Update readme to mention canonical repo location
Add .build.yml for sourcehut
Update password manager recs, copyright, & wording
Script to export wordlist to "plain text"

If you want to use the same wordlist in, say, KeepassXC.
Add a splash of color - rainbow border
Note the license of the word list
Remove some offensive words

(Some more than others.)
Notes about page being self-contained

And you can run it offline, etc.
Use Inconsolata for title
JS cleanup: separate library and page setup
More explanation and styling improvements
Styling improvements, improve word wrap on mobile
More educational content