A self-contained Javascript passphrase generator
No more custom font - use system font stack
Better ordering of UI components (I think)


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A self-contained Javscript passphrase generator. Philosophically, it is heavily inspired by Use a Passphrase.

You can view this page online at: https://www.michaelkelly.org/passphraser.html

The canonical location of the source code is https://git.sr.ht/~mkelly/passphraser. GitHub is a mirror.


This is what it looks like on desktop and mobile:

Passphraser desktop

Passphraser mobile


Requires Hugo: https://gohugo.io/getting-started/quick-start/

To show a local preview, run hugo serve

To generate files in the public directory, run hugo

#Bias checks

Requires python 3 with numpy: pip3 install numpy

There is an alternate endpoint, /benchmark.html, which outputs only numerical indices (which we would normally use to index into our word list). We output 5 per line, and show 100,000 lines. This lets you copy and paste the output and run whatever tests you want.

bias-checks.py has some numerical checks I thought of.

#Word list

The word list is in assets/wordlist.js. It's a formatted javascript list. If you want to export it to plaintext, you can run this from the top-level directory of this git repo:

./scripts/wordlist_to_txt.pl < assets/wordlist.js > wordlist.txt

This will give you a wordlist.txt.


  1. The list of words used is public domain; it is a processed list of words ultimately from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moby_Project.
  2. Everything else (the code) is covered by the MIT license. See LICENSE.