Stupid hack accommodate foot when sshing

Local $TERM is "foot-extra", which remote hosts definitely don't have,
even if they have "foot". Just set it to "foot".
[sway] rofimoji binding
[sway] New background, waybar tweak
[setup notes] More notes, PAM config tweaks
[foot] specify font size
[vi] stop using vim-bufferline
Disable some slow-loading shell setup I don't use

conda in particular is slow
[nvim] more readable pmenu text

I often set my terminal foreground color to something mellow (dark gray)
which isn't very legible against the pink background.
[vim] Quicker buffer management
[cleanup] No `packages` op, simpler filenames

I never used the `packages` op anyway, and it lets us call the other ops
simpler names!
Remove make-safetynet.sh

This was from a time before I had comprehensive backups.
Add mved.py

Old utility for bulk-renaming files by Hunter Freyer and me.
[sway] new keysyms and don't autostart the notif daemon
[deploy] Don't back up symlinks if we don't have to

We check if dest is a symlink, and if it points where we would point it
anyway, just skip the whole thing.
Remove tmux/rxvt compat workaround

I haven't used rxvt/urxvt in years now.
Refactor nvim configs to use packages

:h packages in either vim or neovim

My config file is still compatible with both vim and neovim, so vim's
`pack` dir is a symlink to neovim's.
[sway] waybar tweaks
Source rust configs if present
[sway] notify-send on every screenshot command

I have a hard time remembering which screenshot hotkey is which, so the
notifification helps a lot as I cycle through all the hotkeys ;)