KVM guest 'no working init': Wording
KVM guest on LVM: 'no working init' recovery
Try to make <h1>s and <h2>s make more sense
[meta] better next/prev
Show next/previous posts and tweak colors
LXC pt2 - provisioning
LXC containers part 1

I have a draft of part 2 as well.
[jq tricks] Update wording a little

I've probably fussed with this enough for now...
[sourcehut auto deploy] fixes, note about branches
[meta] Only push `main` branch
Fix up some issues in "jq tricks"
Add a 404 page
Simplify footer
[Content] Auto deploy Hugo site to S3 w/ sourcehut
[content] link to great post about leaving GH
[content] Mirroring sourcehut -> github
Make default post URL more consistent with Blogger

This means new posts will fit the existing naming scheme better without
a custom `url` param in each file.