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## Background
I have several KVM guests running on my homelab server. Their storage is all
local, backed by LVM logical volumes. After a power outage, one of my hosts
local, backed by LVM logical volumes. After a power outage, one of my VMs
failed to boot with the dreaded [no working init
found](https://www.kernel.org/doc/html/latest/admin-guide/init.html) error

@@ 13,7 13,7 @@ message.
I'm aware this is a ludicrously specific situation. In case anyone else (including future
me) runs into this, I want to document how I solved it.

## Initial troubleshooting
## Which partition has the problem?

Because this particular host had an encrypted disk which required a passphrase
to be entered on the console, I had clues about how far I got in the boot

@@ 22,12 22,11 @@ main partition (which contained `/home` and everything else).

So the problem was with the boot partition.

## Troubleshooting
## Troubleshooting the boot partition

All commands here are were run as root on the KVM host. `caravel` is the name
of my KVM host, and `deb1` is the name of the guest.

### Turn off the VM

First, rememember to stop the VM, which is still hung on startup: