Improve README.md
Improved Changelog
Added a value to let pip know to install required dependencies.
Actually fixed the issue with importing this time.
Upped to version 1.0.1.

* Fixed an issue with PyPi
Increased version to 1.0.0.
Preparing for PyPi and increasing version to 0.0.1.
Added more comprehensive tests

- Added test to ensure CSV attempt throws exception.
Added format parameter to response dict
Slight refactor, implemendted Analytic Data API

- Refactored endpoint variable
  - now using local method to build the endpoint URL
- Refactored payload initialization
  - Using new self.payload property
- Partially Implemented Analytic Data API
  - Missing CSV implementation
Added test for Analytic Data API
Rename `run.py` to `run_tests.py`
Made a variable local.
Added a test for the alerts feed function and the alert status function.