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About The Author

As you may already know by now, my name is Matthew Jorgensen. I live in Minneapolis, MN and am currently doing IT for a medical trial software company. During the day I oversee a plethora of servers and systems. By night I explore my hobbies to help keep me busy. Most notably, my hobbies include programming, photography, Linux systems administration, and software and web development.

Sometimes I get sick of being inside. Then, I'll typically be found outside on my bicycle or longboard; or, I could be spotted hiking around any one of the countless parks around me.

My fascination with computers, technology, and the Internet began at a very young age.

About This Site

This website is a jekyll blog. The server is hosted by Linode. I use Hover to register my domains.

I collect absolutely nothing from visitors. There's no tracking or data collection of any kind. There may be referral links.

You can browse the source code for this website. It's licensed under the terms of the MIT license. The articles themselves are CC-BY-SA 4.0.