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@@ 26,7 26,7 @@ FastMail's domain servers. This accomplishes several things:

1. I don't have to worry about configuring all the MX, TXT, and other
records related to mail systems.
2. FastMail is much more convinient for me to access than CloudFlare.
2. FastMail is much more convenient for me to access than CloudFlare.
3. I don't necessarily require DDoS protection (which I wasn't paying
for anyhow).
4. FastMail makes it incredibly easy to serve a file or directory from

@@ 78,4 78,4 @@ configurations in a central location.

How am I employed in this industry, again?

[fastmail-ref]: https://www.fastmail.com/?STKI=17835792
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[fastmail-ref]: https://www.fastmail.com/?STKI=17835792