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 ## About The Author
 As you may already know by now, my name is Matthew Jorgensen. I live in
-Minneapolis, MN and am currently doing IT for a medical trial software
-company. During the day I oversee a plethora of servers and systems. By
-night I explore my hobbies to help keep me busy. Most notably, my
-hobbies include programming,
-photography, Linux systems administration, and software and web
-Sometimes I get sick of being inside. Then, I'll typically be found
-outside on my bicycle or longboard; or, I could be spotted hiking around
-any one of the countless parks around me.
+Minneapolis, MN. During the day I oversee a plethora of servers and
+systems. By night I explore my hobbies to help keep me busy. Most
+notably, my hobbies include:
+<div class="col-2-list"><ul>
+<li>Linux systems administration; and,</li>
+<li>software and web development</li>
 My fascination with computers, technology, and the Internet began at a
-very young age.
+very young age. I began playing around with HTML/CSS and eventually PHP
+*just as* myspace was starting to fall out of style. Some of the first
+CSS I wrote was for forums. I didn't start programming for real until
+about age 14. That's when I started getting into PHP a little more until
+I found Python. My skill set has greatly grown since then. I'm currently
+employed as a "Web Developer/Systems Engineer" for a medical software
+company near Minneapolis, MN. 
 ## About This Site
 This website is a [jekyll][jekyll] blog. The server is hosted by
-[Linode][linode-ref]. I use [Hover][hover-ref] to register my domains.
+[prgmr.com][prgmr]. I use [Hover][hover-ref] to register my
+domains. [builds.sr.ht][builds] builds the site and deploys it to my
+web server whenever I push to the git repo. 
 I collect absolutely nothing from visitors. There's no tracking or data
 collection of any kind. There may be referral links. 

@@ 34,8 47,10 @@ under the terms of the [MIT license][mit]. The articles themselves are
 [CC-BY-SA 4.0][cc-by-sa-4.0].
 [jekyll]: https://jekyllrb.com/
+[builds]: https://builds.sr.ht
 [aura-theme]: https://git.sr.ht/~mjorgensen/aura
 [linode-ref]: https://www.linode.com/?r=6bc69166de6a9b923e4e42b4259c0ed8e1769d8c
 [source]: https://git.sr.ht/~mjorgensen/jrgnsn.net
 [mit]: https://opensource.org/licenses/MIT/