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title: "Update: July 2019"

While we're a couple days into August already, a July status update, a
July status update is better late than never! Most of my July has been
spent getting myself organized at my day job and assessing my workload
after my coworker, whom previously shared my workload, left the company,
leaving me as the sole Systems Engineer/IT "Help Desk"/Web Developer at
my company. I wear a _lot_ of hats, but so far the workload has been
quite manageable.

I've been spending most of my time analyzing our current environment and
looking for ways to improve it - and my goodness is there a lot of room
for improvement!

You may have noticed a new look for the blog. I decided to make some
adjustments so it's not an _exact_ copy of the blog I mimicked before.
It's still responsive, looks pretty good on mobile, and, of course,
requires zero JavaScript!

Previously I've written about my "stocfs" project, and I have made
absolutely no progress on it. Honestly, I'm not sure it's a project I
want to continue. I didn't think WordPress would be a good fit for my
vegan information site, but it's working out pretty well.

I've been working on myself a lot lately. I don't want to get into
specifics but I've been improving some bad behaviors and cutting out
some vices that have held me captive for the better part of the last two
years. What that means, is that I'll have more energy, motivation, and
brain power to work on things that I truly enjoy working on. I'd like to
get more involved with volunteering in the vegan community in my area,
as well as getting involved in technical projects that I think are
really neat. I don't have any examples at this time, but maybe keep an
eye out for those updates.

I'd like to take my camera out more, lately I've been photographing
nature and animals if I can get close enough. I think it would be a neat
addition to my vegan information site/blog if I could blog about vegan
events I go to and have pictures to share as well!

I haven't traveled nearly as much as I thought I would this summer.
However, I have two upcoming trips that I'm awfully excited for: in just
a few weeks I'll be helping my sister move down to Tampa for college,
and in mid-September I'm planning on road tripping out to Denver, CO for
an Atmosphere concert for my birthday - this should be a lot of fun!

That's all for now. I truly hope to write more. Until next time...