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Republish "VeganMSP.com" from old blog
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+layout: post
+title: VeganMSP.com
+Late one evening, I was having dinner with some vegan friends of mine at
+[Comet Cafe][0] in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The Comet is a relatively
+punky-style small diner in the Lower East Side. We stopped in Milwaukee
+for dinner after spending about 16 hours on the road. The three of us
+had all rode together to a small vegan get-together in Knoxville,
+<small>*This article was originally published on the [old blog][1] on
+2018-09-03. It was republished here on the new blog on 2019-10-28, since
+I hadn't mentioned VeganMSP.com before and I feel it's one of my more
+important projects.*</small>
+![Sticker-covered paper towel dispenser](/content/2019-10-28/Sticker-covered_paper_towel_dispenser.jpg)
+<center><small>Sticker-covered paper towel dispenser</small></center>
+While we were having dinner, I had been thinking about creating a
+website that listed restaurants, stores and other places that may be
+good knowledge for vegans. After a visit to a sticker-covered restroom,
+I had my inspiration. Now, almost a year later the fruits of my (so far,
+little) labor are live on the internet: [VeganMSP.com][2].
+## What took almost a year?
+This is embarrassingly simple: I just got done thinking I have to build
+all of my projects from scratch. (In terms of this project, that would
+have involved creating a CMS.) I have finally come to realize that the
+important thing was the data, not the presentation of the data. Thus, I
+have settled on using WordPress for now. If WordPress happens to be a
+wrong choice a year later, I'll reevaluate.
+## Want to help?
+This is a side project of mine. I have a few other projects I'm working
+on right now in addition to a full-time job. I would greatly appreciate
+any help you could offer! That could mean you contribute regularly, or
+simply send me a quick note letting me know I got something wrong, or
+any other improvement you might suggest. Shoot me an email.

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